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Pharma Products

Pharma Products

Pharma Products

Manufacturing range of Pharma Herbs, Powders, Oils
Herbal extract product list for nutraceuticals
SR. NoProduct NameRatio/Specification
1Polygonum Cuspidatum P.E.10% Resreratrol
2Burdock Root P.E.4:1
3Wolfberry P.E.20% Polysaccharides
4Valerian P.E.0.8% Valerenic Acid
5Dodder Seed P.E.15:1
6Panax Ginseng P.E.80% Ginsenosides - Root
7Kudzu Root P.E.40% Lsoflavones
8Cacutus P.E.12:1 / 20:1 / 100:1
9Alfalfa P.E.5% Saponins
10Milk Thistle P.E.10% - 80% Silymarin
11Apple Cider Vinegar Powder6% Total Acid
12Panax Ginseng P.E.80% Ginsenosides - Stem & Leaf
13Epimedium P.E.10% - 50% Icariin
14Feverfew P.E.0.8% Parthenolide
15Fo-Ti P.E.10:1
16Alfalfa P.E.5% Flavones
17White Kidney Bean P.E.10:1
18Broccoli P.E.20:1
19Huperzia Serrate P.E.1% Huperzine-A
20Alfalfa P.E.5:1
21Schizandra P.E.2% / 5% Schisandrins
22Panax Ginseng P.E.Ginsenosides 12% - Root
23Pine Bark P.E.95% Proanthocyanidins
24Glucomannan P.E.KGM 90%
25Grape Seed P.E.10% - 95% Proanthocyanidins
26Bitter Melon P.E.10:1
27Artichoke P.E.10:1
28Bilberry P.E.10:1
29Dandelion P.E.4:1
30Cinnamon Bark P.E.5:1
31Cassia Nomame P.E.10:1
32Hawthorn Berry P.E.5% Flavones
33White Willow Bark P.E.15% / 25% Salicin
34Apple Cider Vinegar Powder1:3 / 1:10
35Hops P.E.10:1

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